Inter-Office Secure Email

Temple Family Dentistry protects patient information and follows HIPAA regulations.  Collaborating medical offices can request and receive electronic patient data (such as x-rays) via our Secure E-Mail service (provided by OperaDDS).    

Once you provide your email address to our front desk staff, you will need to go through the following steps to register and use our secure email service:

1) You will receive an email with instructions to register for use of our system.  Please use the same email when creating your account with us.
  .    —->.  

2) When you complete your registration and submit the form, you will receive a second email asking you to verify your email address.  

.  —-> 

3) When you click to verify the email address, you will be shown a screen instructing you that your account is now active and to click on a link to login.

4) When you click on that link, you will be brought to a login dialogue page – put in your email and password.

5) Once you login you, you can view messages sent from our office including downloading any attachments, and you can compose messages back to our office and upload any patient sensitive information into those messages as you require.